Hollywood's Hot for Pinterest

10 Jul 2012
By Ahlanlive.com

Instagram? That’s so ten minutes ago. Check out T’Town’s latest craze

We jumped on the Twitter and Instagram crazes very early here at Ahlan!, and while we still love the flattering effects of the ‘gram and tweeting our news in 140 characters or less, we’ve recently gone absolutely crazy for Pinterest. And we’re not the only ones! Celebs, designers and just about everyone else is signing up for the social media site. For those who have yet to develop carpal tunnel from too much pinning, Pinterest is a pinboard-style photo sharing site where users can create theme-based collections, pin images from websites and re-pin images from people they follow. And just like Twitter, you can follow anyone, even if they’ve got two Grammys! Welcome to your new addiction. To get you started, here are our favourite celebrity accounts

Katy Perry
Pinterest Account:
No of Pins: 580
Our Fave Board: Behind The Scenes.
Katy has a Pinterest page just for her Part of Me 3D flick, so if you’re obsessed with KP, it’s a good place to get your fix. We love all the pics of her fans and separate boards for each premiere. If you’ve met Katy during her tour and had your photo snapped, she might have pinned your pic!

Jessica Alba
Pinterest Account:
No of Pins: 49
Our Fave Board:
The Celebrity Bucket.
Jess is a newbie, but she’s getting the hang of it, pinning food shots, interior design trends, DIY projects, plus a style board and a board devoted to celebs. Budding cooks or interior designers should follow Jess!

Ashley Tisdale
Pinterest Account:
No of Pins: 895
Our Fave Board: Girl Power!
If you’re an Ashley fan, you’ll love her boards as she pins tons of pics of herself! She has a whole board devoted to her High School Musical character Sharpay Evans, pics of dream destinations and a board full of her music vids, ready to watch.

Vanessa Hudgens
Pinterest Account:
No of Pins: 110
Our Fave Board: My Style.
Vanessa likes to pin music videos, film clips, pics of clothes she’s drooling over, a few snaps of herself goofing around behind the scenes, a mash of pictures of places and products she loves, on top of pinning her Instagram pics too. We love the social media combo!

Olivia Palermo
Pinterest Account:
No of Pins: 334
Our Fave Board: Products I Love.
If you’re a fashionista, then move that mouse as fast as you can and visit Olivia’s Pinterest page. Most of her pins are devoted to building her great wardrobe, but she also has a board not-so-humbly called, ‘Me’.

Lauren Conrad
Pinterest Account:
No of Pins: 1,893
Our Fave Board: Wear.
Lauren is the celeb queen of Pinterest. She’s pinned nearly 2,000 images and has boards for primping, dining, decorating and even smiling. But be warned, avoid her boards if you’re dieting – even Kate Moss would reach for a macaroon with one look at LC’s Tea Party board.

Alicia Silverstone
Pinterest Account:
No of Pins: 333
Our Fave Board: Kind Clothing.
She may have won our hearts for being Clueless, but Alicia Silverstone knows a whole lot about living a vegan lifestyle. All her boards start with the word ‘kind’ and are devoted to eating, living, dressing, beautifying and even travelling vegan. We love her pins of celebrities like Scarlett Johansson sporting vegan jewellery.

Ryan Seacrest
Pinterest Account:
No of Pins: 449
Our Fave Board: Notable Music.
Pinterest is not just for the ladies! Ryan’s a devoted pinner, with boards for what he’s wearing, his fave music of the month and also red carpet fashion for men and women. Plus, a whole board devoted to the art of the grilled cheese sandwich.

BackStreet Boys
Pinterest Account:
No of Pins: 124
Our Fave Board: Vintage.
Backstreet Boys on Pinterest? Yes, we were shocked too, but BSB are social media devotees. They like to pin photos from their cruise with New Kids on the Block and pics of NKOTB and BSB on stage and with fans. All five boys also have their own individual boards, but our fave by far is ‘Vintage’, devoted to old-school BSB pics! Oh, those matching clothes… 

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