The Hollywood actress tier system!

17 Mar 2010

Who’s top of movie producers’ wish lists and who’s got a lot of catching up to do when it comes to being T’Town’s most wanted?

These stars are all pretty powerful ladies, but bad movie and botox choices mean they don’t make the main cut.

Jennifer Aniston
After a string of mega-flops, the actress has yet to prove she can open a movie on her own name, but is still a powerful Hollywood player.

After the Sex And The City movie made over Dhs1.4 billion at the box office, SJP’s movie career really took off, but she’s no way in Ange and Meryl’s league.

Nicole Kidman
Once the most powerful actress in T-Town, Nicole’s string of flops and frozen features have seen her drop out of favour with producers and female fans.

Sandra Bullock
With an Oscar win for The Blind Side and the success of The Proposal, Sandra’s enjoying a career renaissance, which could see her hit top tier within the coming year.

All in their 20s and 30s, this next generation of actresses aren’t quite the household names that Jen and Ange are, but have all shown they can do quirky, action, period and romcoms!

Anne Hathaway
Oscar nominated for Rachel Getting Married, Anne has shown she can also carry a romcom in Bride Wars – but she still ‘only’ commands Dhs25 million-a-movie.

Scarlett Johansson
Having proved her acting chops in Girl With A Pearl Earring and The Other Boleyn Girl, Scarlett has cornered the market for roles that require a super-sexy talent.

Natalie Portman
The former child star mixes beauty and talent and can also glide seamlessly between huge action roles in Star Wars to quirky, offbeat romcoms like My Blueberry Nights.

Keira Knightley
Compelling as part of an ensemble cast in the POTC trilogy, Keira now commands Dhs11 million-a-movie after she proved she can carry a film with The Duchess and Atonement.

Drew Barrymore
Triple-threat Drew’s Golden Globe win for Grey Gardens saw her movie fee shoot up, but she’s more interested in working behind the cameras as a producer and director.

Kate Hudson
The current go-to girl for female leads in crowd-pleasing romcoms, for all her Hollywood royalty breeding, Kate has yet to prove she’s a big-hitter in Cameron Diaz’s league.

This host of up-and-comers are fast earning column inches for their talent and style, and for not conforming to the typical Hollywood notion of beauty.

Emily Blunt
The British actress won rave reviews for her snooty fashion assistant in The Devil Wears Prada, and, as one-half of a quirky couple with fiancé John Krasinski, is screaming ‘longevity’.

Anna Kendrick
Sorry Kristen, but with that Oscar nomination, Anna has proved herself the breakout star of Twilight, with her Up In The Air co-star George Clooney tipping her for the top.

Carey Mulligan
With style critics raving over her Audrey Hepburn looks, Vanity Fair putting her on their cover and a Best Actress Oscar nod for An Education, Carey puts the ‘watch’ in ‘ones to watch’!

Michelle Williams
Michelle has been content to watch her peers such as Natalie Portman move farther up the fame ladder, picking indie flicks over blockbuster hits and pulling in Dhs3.6 million-a-movie.

Zoe Saldana
Often compared to Thandie Newton in looks and talent, after star turns in Star Trek and Avatar, Zoe’s fast moving up the list of go-to actresses for blockbuster movies.

Diane Kruger
Despite star roles in Troy and National Treasure, the stunning actress only recently came to major prominence in Inglourious Basterds – a flick that’ll soon see her move up a tier.

Not the first names at the top of a director’s wish list, these talented girls bring the cuteness and quirkiness to minor or indie roles – but all have the potential to be huge stars.

Anna Paquin
The second youngest Oscar winner (for The Piano, aged 11), has enjoyed a career resurgence with her hit TV show, True Blood, but Anna may struggle to ever become a Kate Winslet-esque leading lady.

Jennifer Garner
Jen’s meatier role in indie hit, Juno and the Ricky Gervais-starring Invention Of Lying saw the actress raise a few surprised eyebrows at her range, but the perennial girl next door is viewed as largely an ensemble cast player.

Marion Cottilard
With her stunning looks and talent, despite an Oscar winning turn as Edith Piaf in La Vie En Rose, the French actress’s refusal to play the Hollywood game sees her sticking largely with European cinema.

Bryce Dallas Howard
Hollywood royalty Bryce has starred in blockbusters such as Spider-Man 3 and opposite Christian Bale in Terminator Salvation, but it’s her determination to be more of an ‘indie actress’ that keeps her in tier five.

Kristen Stewart
Going into Twilight with a solid body of work behind her, K-Stew will see her salary go fourth tier when Eclipse hits the big screen, but she needs a meaty role to push her higher.

Although very pretty to look at, these girls have yet to prove their acting chops and are in danger of being famous simply for being famous.

Jessica Biel
Having complained that her good looks are stopping her from getting roles, Jess’s assertion that Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman are taking all the good parts wasn’t particularly endearing.

Megan Fox

The ultimate eye candy in Transformers, Megan has said she wants to “develop as an actress”, but her overtly sexy looks and tendency to verbal diarrhoea could mean she won’t get taken seriously.

Jessica Alba
After starring in flops Good Luck Chuck and The Love Guru, Jessica has proved box office poison and has lamented the ‘sex kitten’ roles she’s offered, saying, “Somehow, I don’t think this is happening to Natalie Portman.”

Kate Bosworth
Having been saddled with a homewrecker image thanks to an alleged smooch with Chris Martin and True Blood’s Alex Sarsgaard, Kate hasn’t had a hit since 2006’s Superman Returns.

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