Hollywood’s new bodies!

As the stars have been busy buffing up (or buffet-ing up!), we reveal the most talked about bods in Tinseltown…
Wednesday , 20 August 2008
Hollywood’s new bodies!

Super ripped
Jake Gyllenhaal

He buffed up before to play a marine in 2005’s Jarhead, but Jake G has shocked Hollywood with his rippling six-pack for his new movie, Prince Of Persia. A far cry from his usually slender self, the 27-year-old actor showcased his new bod on his Moroccan movie set, along with some rather non-dashing brown hair extensions, for his role as a sixth-century prince. Reese, we have no words for you, you lucky, lucky madam!

Marriage problems?

Lucy Davis

She gained fame as Dawn in The Office and has cropped up in Ugly Betty and Reaper, but snaps of the Brit actress show that her rumoured marriage woes may be taking their toll.

Famously shedding 19 kilos for her 2006 wedding to Welsh actor Owain Yeoman, Lucy’s super-skinny frame shocked her fans, but now she’s back to her Dawn figure.

“Right now she’s a bit down and her weight’s gone up,” a pal told the News Of The World. “Everyone is hoping they can get things back on track.”

Feeder fiance?

Janet Jackson

Janet shed the 25 kilos she packed on for a movie role that never materialised. But sources say she’s piled on another 12 kilos, and is desperate to shift it before her world tour starts. “She’s… desperate to lose 40lb (18 kilos) in time for her tour,” spilled a source to Closer. “But Jermaine’s been stocking the fridge with pizza, fried chicken, chocolate and ice cream. It’s causing friction in their relationship.”

Shamed into slimming?
Jennifer Love Hewitt

She made a huge deal about not being bothered by those bikini shots, but JLH has just unveiled her new shape, and claims to have dropped eight kilos. The Ghost Whisperer actress, 29, revealed of the bikini furore, “It hurt my feelings.” But her trainer insists, “She told me, ‘They said some rude, mean things, but that’s not why I wanted to change.’”

Newfound curves

The gorgeous singer has her boyfriend, RB star Chris Brown, to thank for her sexy newfound curves. Spotted on holiday in Barbados, pals close to the singer say Chris has been encouraging Rihanna, 20, to slow down her work schedule and chill out more, resulting in her sexy new bod.

“He’s a very nice guy. They were very happy and relaxed and having fun,” revealed Rihanna’s dad, Ronald. While onlookers revealed that Rihanna’s been hitting previously out-of-bounds fast food restaurants with 19-year-old Chris.

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