Hollywood’s Fatties and Skinnies

Something is happening in Tinseltown with many of our favourite celebs wasting away while others are breaking the scales. Ahlan! takes a look at the weight-defying culprits...
Tuesday , 15 March 2011
Hollywood’s Fatties and Skinnies
Actress Megan Fox

The Skinnies

1. Megan Fox

Once famed for her naturally petite, yet voluptuous figure, Megan shocked her fans last week when images of her fronting the new Armani campaign revealed an emaciated looking physique. Yet, despite her personal trainer, Harley Pasternak, insisting “she has this really fast metabolism” we can’t help but think otherwise.

2. Jennifer Hudson
Weight Watchers spokesperson Jen got a standing ovation when she exclaimed on Oprah, “I’ve lost 80lbs” however, recent images of the former American Idol contestant suggest the star has gone too far with the weight loss, which she started after giving birth to 19-month-old son David.

3. Amanda Seyfried
The 25-year-old recently admitted that since her split with Mamma Mia! co-star Dominic Cooper she has kept herself busy to forget the heartache: “Because you’re afraid of having time alone, you want to distract yourself from the heartbreak of one relationship.” Yet with the actress recently sporting scrawny arms and stick thin legs at her recent Red Riding Hood premiere she maybe keeping herself too busy. (Turn to page 22 for more news on Amanda).

The Fatties

1. Kevin Federline
When Britney dated K-Fed in 2004 he was a lean, trim dancer. Yet over the years he has ballooned to three times his original size. And despite an impressive stint in Celebrity Fit Club, in which he lost 30lbs, the 32-year-old has piled on those pounds once again, along with some extra weight along the way...

2. Kim Kardashian
OK, so Kim K has never been a skinny Minnie, but the reality TV star has been looking heavier lately, despite promoting QuickTrim diet pills. Yet, while the 30-year-old seems to be filling out more and more on each of her TV shows, we’re still jealous of those vivacious curves and grand derriere...

3. Simon Cowell
Despite his ever-present moobs, Simon is renowned for keeping in shape. He once said, “I’d do 100 press-ups before I get in the bath in the morning, then at work after a meeting. I just like to take care of myself.” However, his strict regime appears to have fallen by the way side with the music mogul recently sporting a huge gut. Perhaps American life is getting to him...