Holly Valance

Holly Valance's Wedding Dress Inspired by Nature

08 Oct 2012
By Ahlanlive.com

Holly Valance's wedding gown was inspired by her love of the outdoors, the designers have revealed

Holly Valance's wedding dress was inspired by ''nature and French lace''. The Australian star wed billionaire Nick Candy in a glittering ceremony in Los Angeles in September in front of guests including Simon Cowell, Katy Perry and Sir Elton John, and the designers of her gown Jacob Luppino and Anthony Pittorino have revealed Holly's love of the outdoors motivated the look.

The pair told Hello! magazine: ''Holly was innately warm and kind. The dress was inspired by Holly's love of nature, organic textures and delicate French laces."

''The bodice was hand beaded in delicate pearls and Swarovski beads. The dramatic layered skirt was all hand embroidered in fine silk and hand dyed in white to silver metallic and deep shades of grey. We created a modern-day heirloom piece that captured her free spirit and nature.''

Holly was believed to be on a strict diet ahead of her big day as she wanted to look her best in the designer gown.

A source said: ''She keeps pictures of her dream wedding dress around in case she's wavering. She hates not being able to enjoy herself at posh restaurants with Nick and she's treated herself a couple of times but she's doing really well.

''Holly is a self-confessed food addict and will always struggle but she's hoping to maintain it.''

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