Kendall Jenner reveals her battle with secret condition

The Kardashian sibling opens up about her fears
BySurena ChandeTuesday , 16 August 2016
Kendall Jenner reveals her battle with secret condition
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Kendall can't cope with seeing small holes

Kendall Jenner has said that she is trypophobic. If you haven’t heard of the condition, don’t worry – we hadn’t either until about 10 minutes ago.

Trypophobia is a fear of irregular patterns or clusters of small holes and bumps.

The model said, “Things that could set me off are pancakes, honeycomb or lotus heads (the worst!). It sounds ridiculous but so many people actually have it! I can't even look at little holes - it gives me the worst anxiety. Who knows what's in there???[sic]”

So, it looks like pancakes are definitely off the menu at Jenner/Kardashian headquarters, poor Kendall!


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