High Temperature Threatens Coral Reef in Qatar

Marine life in danger due to the summer heat
Wednesday , 02 September 2015
High Temperature Threatens Coral Reef in Qatar
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High temperature causing coral bleaching and loss of fish

Just when we thought the weather couldn't get crazier! It has been revealed that the high temperatures in Qatar are becoming a threat to the marine life. With temperatures reaching 36 degrees, this causes an effect on the coral reef surrounding Qatar, triggering them to turn white – the result of coral bleaching.

“The coral reef may be affected by the temperature. Thirty-six degrees is too much,” stated Qatar University marine biology professor Ibrahim Al-Maslamani.

Recently, more than 18 species of fish were killed by the high temperature as well as a low level of dissolved oxygen in sea waters, with local fish safi, sahri, jesh and rabib found on the shores of Qatar. The Qatar University’s marine research vessel has been surveying the sea water and studying samples of the fish in case of any other issues that have caused the phenomenon apart from the climatic factor.

Professor Al-Maslamani from QU said this often occurs every two or three years during the last week of August and the first week of September with the university monitoring the fish mortality since the mid-1990s. Two decades ago, Ansari found that high sea temperatures caused 40 tonnes of fish dying in the waters off Qatar.

We hope that the water temperatures will fall in September.

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