Heroes' hard time over romance

TV couple face criticism over 12-year age gap
Wednesday , 16 April 2008
Heroes' hard time over romance

HEROES actress HAYDEN PANETTIERE says she and her co-star boyfriend MILO VENTIMIGLIA have faced a barrage of criticism because of the 12-year age gap.

The 18-year-old began dating Ventimiglia, 30, after they met on the set of the hit TV show - but are under extra stress because of the age-gap in their romance.

Panettiere, who plays cheerleader Claire Bennet, is convinced that although there are advantages to dating a fellow celebrity, they have to make an extra effort to ensure their relationship survives the stresses of the Hollywood industry.

And keeping her love affair with the actor, who plays Peter Petrelli, as private as possible is her top priority.

She says, "It's nice to be in the same industry. You often get invited to the same things, which is handy!

"There is no good thing about being a couple in Hollywood. People make their own opinions about everything, and they like to be very judgemental about things they know nothing about.

"You just have to hope that if you don't put it out there too much then they will have less to say about it."