Here's why your UAE visit visa may be rejected

Seven things to look out for when applying
ByMashal AbbasiThursday , 24 August 2017
Here's why your UAE visit visa may be rejected

Thinking of flying in to the UAE for the long weekend? Read this before applying for your visa!

While the application process for a visit visa is simple and straightforward, there are a number of factors to take into consideration. Khaleej Times has outlined seven reasons why any applicant's visa may be rejected, and they're definitely worth looking into.

  1. Hand written passports will automatically be rejected by the UAE Immigration.
  2. If an applicant has previously held a UAE residence visa and has left the country without cancelling said visa, a visit visa may be rejected. To get approval, a PRO will have to go to the immigration department and clear the previous residency visa.
  3. If an applicant was granted a UAE visit visa but didn't enter the country, the previous visa must be cleared by a PRO before a new visa can be issued. 
  4. Applicants who were granted a UAE employment visa but did not enter the country must have their employment visas cleared by immigration in order to be able to enter the country. 
  5. Visa applicants with previous criminal offences, fraud or misconduct committed in the UAE will not be allowed to return.
  6. Visa applications with errors in name, passport number, and profession code will see a delay in approval, or result in rejection of the passport.
  7. When applying online, ensure that passport copy scans are clear, not blurred, as this may cause a delay in approval, or the visa may be rejected altogether.

Please note that visa rules are subject to change and that this is a general guide. Refer to the UAE embassy or consulate in your country for further information.

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