Here’s why restaurants have chosen to #Logout of food delivery apps in the UAE

The restaurant industry has been hit HARD!
ByMariam Maroof Thursday , 22 August 2019
Here’s why restaurants have chosen to #Logout of food delivery apps in the UAE

The #Logout campaign is one that’s being led by restaurants against food delivery apps in the UAE such as Zomato, Deliveroo, Uber Eats, to name a few, because of the harm it’s causing to the restaurants’ businesses.

Dubai Eye recently put up a podcast speaking about this campaign and also spoke to the owner of a family run Thai restaurant, Sticky Rice, who recently pulled out of food delivery apps in the country.

The podcast highlights the ongoing debate of whether “these food delivery and discount apps are helping the F&B industry by promoting restaurants to customers who otherwise would never have known about these brands or are they doing the industry more harm by promoting a voucher culture and taking a chunk of the restaurants profits.”

Mohammad Abedin, owner of Sticky Rice, was a speaker on the podcast who bravely pulled out of these apps, as announced in an IGTV video posted on the famous restaurants account after customers had been speculating why they couldn’t find the Thai spot on these apps.

یہ مراسلہ Instagram پر دیکھیں

We know a lot of you have been asking why we are no longer on any delivery service apps, and yas it’s because we have decided as a family to #logout We will no longer be delivering Mama’s food through any delivery service apps but we will still be offering pick-up orders! Check out our announcement for all the details! Thank you for all your love and support! . #thaifood #dubaithaifood #thaifooddubai #dubaifood #dubaifoodie #dubaifoodies #dubaifoodbloggers #dubairestaurant #dubairestaurants #mydubai #dubai #mangostickyrice #icecream #thai #stickyriceae #jumeirahvillagecircle #coconut #jumeirahvillagetriangle #jvccommunity

‏‎‏‎ Sticky Rice‎‏ (@‏‎stickyriceae‎‏) کے ذریعے اشتراک کردہ مراسلہ‎‏ پر ‏‎‎‏


In the podcast, Abedin revealed how he and his mother, the head chef at Sticky Rice, had been considering to get out of these delivery apps for a couple of weeks till the whole campaign finally blew up.

Abedin said on the podcast: “We started questioning if we really wanted to stick with these platforms? Does it really help us, does it benefit us? We’re quite active on Instagram, so do we really need a delivery platform to fuel our popularity when it’s costing us an arm and a leg.

“The restaurant industry is not here to offer discounts, we are not a discount store. There’s food, food costs money to make, there’s operational costs like any other business” added the owner.

The podcast highlighted serious issues being faced by restaurants because of loyalty schemes brought out with delivery apps such as Zomato Gold by Zomato, which offers deals like 2-for-1 on food and several discounts of up to 50% off.

The podcast inspired a listener who then #Loggedout in his own way!

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