Here's how much cigarettes and soft drinks will cost now

Thanks to the new tax that came into play starting today
ByMashal AbbasiSunday , 01 October 2017
Here's how much cigarettes and soft drinks will cost now

It has begun!

The dreaded day for smokers and soft drink fanatics has arrived. Prices of soft drinks, tobacco and energy drinks have been revised as part of the UAE's decision to impose excise taxes on the sale of these goods.

The higher prices have come into effect starting from today, October 1. The UAE has imposed a 50 percent tax on carbonated beverages and 100 percent tax on tobacco and energy drinks.

Here are the increases in prices, as reported by Khaleej Times:

  • Soft drink prices will increase from Dhs1.50 to Dhs2.25
  • Cigarette prices will double from an average Dhs8 to Dhs16
  • Energy drink prices too will double, from an average Dhs5-10 per can to Dhs10-20, depending on the brand.

Will you be curbing your habits? There's no time like the present!

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