Netflix's Love Is Blind is causing a stir and there is even more to the story

Netflix's Love Is Blind is causing a stir and there is even more to the story

26 Feb 2020

SPOILER ALERTS - two engagements you may have missed

If you’re a sucker for reality TV, I promise you, everything thing you’ve been watching has been preparing you for the madness that this show is. Real Housewives, Geordie Shore or even Keeping up with the Kardashians is nothing compared to the content (and craziness) that this show is.

Love Is Blind was created by Netflix as a social experiment to prove that successful relationships are built from an emotional connection, more than a physical one. I mean, we all knew that, but the entirety of the show is to have people fall in love without ever seeing each other – only going on dates and speaking through a wall. FYI, falling in love in this show means actually proposing and getting engaged!

The (not so lucky) engaged couples are:
Barnett + Amber
Lauren + Cameron
Damian + Giannina
Kelly + Kenny
Mark + Jessica

Lauren and Cameron were the first couple to get engaged - they were crying hysterically and certain that they were each other’s soul mates - which is kind of crazy because they'd only just met a few days before, but who’s complaining? 

Mark, 24, and Jessica, 34, are probably the most controversial couple based on the fact that throughout the show, Jessica doesn't ever explicitely say why she wants to marry Mark. We're yet to find out if she actually walks down that isle.

That's not all. Apparently, those aren't the only couples that walked off the set engaged! Remember Rory? The guy that everyone went to for advice but also didn't seem to be successully dating himself? He's one of them. He ended up proposing to Danielle Drouin, but unfortunately, the couple broke up shortly after leaving the pods, and didn't make it to Mexico with the others. 

In the last episode, the engaged couples - that seemed to have overcomed their hurdles and come out strong – gave us a sneak peak into the first wedding. We earnestly look forward to hearing Damian’s reply at the alter because he looked like he was hyperventilating when the officiator asked if he’ll take Giannina as his wife. Yikes!