Henry Holland at the Grazia Style Awards

04 Apr 2012
By Ahlanlive.com

Ahlan! Live caught up with the celeb designer who flew in for the fashionable event

He's just 28-years-old but Henry Holland has already enjoyed a successful career in journalism as a fashion editor and is currently carving a name for himself as a fashion designer. But it looks like his talents know no bounds as he is set to become the next big thing on TV, especially if pop star Rihanna has anything to do with it! Read on to find out what hot goss Henry shared Ahlan! Live when we caught up with him at the Grazia Style Awards in Dubai.

You often dress Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud, are there any other celebrities you'd love to see wear your clothes?
I think Rihanna looks amazing at the moment, I'd love to dress her. I've dressed her a couple of times before. I think anyone who has the right attitude and is really cool. I don't have a specific list of dream people, it's very much if someone asks and if we like them and it fits, and they have the right feel for the brand, then of course!

Speaking of RiRi, we heard you're teaming up with her to co-host a reality fashion TV show which will see up-and-coming designers create outfits for celebrities! C'mon, we're dying to hear all about it!

It's with Nicola as well, actually! Me and Nicola and a lady called Lisa are the judges/mentors and Rihanna is executive producer as it's her concept. She is the exec producer and is in a couple of episodes. She's really overseeing and managing everything, it's so strange just waiting for RiRi to sign something off! I start filming the day after I get home from Dubai. Then we film for 10 weeks, about three or four days a week. I suppose Project Runway would be the closest reference point. It's all unqualified designers and stylists, who are designing and creating looks for musicians and bands. So it's examining the cross over between fashion and music, so helping people get into fashion from music. That sort of showcase of a musician wearing your stuff on the cover of a magazine is such amazing exposure that you can't get from fashion shows and exploring that idea, which I think is really interesting. Rihanna is really into her image and loves fashion, she's really excited about this because she is always looking to wear new designers.

There are no confirmed musicians, but I think it would be great to have some American artists in it that are well known for their image, like Katy Perry. I think it would be interesting to get some fashion-led bands, like Scissor Sisters in there.

How would you describe the girl who wears your clothes?
She's very outspoken, she's very loud, she's bold, very opinionated, and doesn't like to be told what to wear. See, I like people to wear the clothes as part of their own wardrobe, I think that's how our girl would buy the collection. She'd buy pieces and mixes into her own wardrobe

You were a fashion editor before you became a designer, did you find your background was helpful with the transition?
I was at teen magazines Smash Hits and Bliss. I studied journalism so I studied with a lot of people who are now fashion editors, so that always helped to have friends on that side of the industry. But I also think it helps understanding both sides of the industry, the importance of press and the value it has to a brand. It's much more fun being interviewed than being the interviewer! Because I don't have to think of my next answer the way I'd have to think of my next question while still concentrating on what someone is saying, and I don't have to study and do research.

Who are your favourite designers to wear?
I wear a lot of Jill Sander, I like Acne, I wear Louboutain trainers quite a lot, I wear a quite a bit of Prada - whatever I can afford, really! I just love fashion. It changes season to season, every season I usually have one collection I juts love and I'll go big on it and buy lots of it.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
I really love what I'm doing and really enjoy it. If it's still going the way it is, I'll be happy. Hopefully have our own shops. It's in my plans for things, but not in the immediate future. And other than that, I will be on a beach in the Bahamas!

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