Russell Brand and Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren The Vixen

31 Jan 2011

She may be 65 but she's still a cheeky minx

Why? She may be 65 years old, but Helen Mirren is still in possession of her saucy pheromones and she’s using them to seduce her Arthur co-star Russell Brand. Despite insisting she’s very jealous of Katy Perry for snaring “the best bad boy in the world”, the Oscar-winning actress wasn’t put off that the newly-married comedian was in a serious relationship and managed to get hold of his underwear!

Dame Helen worked her magic on the 35-year-old actor, during the filming of their last project The Tempest, and he’s completely infatuated, insisting, “she’s an incredible woman, I’m totally fascinated with her.” We’re guessing a move that’d make Carry On’s Sid James blush ensued, because in no time Helen was in possession of Russ’ pants. “I intend to get them framed and put over my bed,” spilled the cheeky minx. Ooh matron! Katy, you may have met your match.