Dame Helen Mirren and Will Smith have teamed up

Dame Helen Mirren and Will Smith have teamed up

17 Sep 2019

It's for a good cause!

Helen Mirren and Will Smith have joined forces for a campaign to fight homelessness, with the pair set to read bedtime stories to crowds in London and New York.

The World's Big Sleep Out will see people sleeping outdoors in 50 cities worldwide, including in London, New York, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Dublin, Chicago, Amsterdam, Madrid, and New Delhi, on 7 December, to raise awareness about homelessness and funds for several charities helping tackle the issue.

The Queen actress Helen will read a bedtime story in London's Trafalgar Square, while Aladdin star Will will be taking part in New York City's Times Square - with numerous other famous faces taking part in a bid to raise a target $50 million (£40 million).

"Homelessness on our streets is a real problem in the U.K. and for many nations throughout the world," Mirren, 74, said of the campaign. "This coupled with an unprecedented number of refugees being displaced internationally makes this a really important time to focus attention on the issue of global homelessness.

"The World's Big Sleep Out campaign will play an important role in shining the political spotlight on the issues of homelessness and displacement whilst raising considerable funds to make a big difference."

The stars' performances will be recorded and screened live at Big Sleep Out events worldwide.