Heidi Raeside

Heidi Raeside

18 Jun 2014

Dubai Marina

Heidi Raeside is a long-term Dubaian, having lived in this city for nine years, but she’s recent Dubai Marina-resident, having relocated to her new four-bedroom home with her husband and two sons just under a year ago.

The well-known blogger behind Tuesdayschild.me wanted her apartment to be “fun, inspiring, comfortable and homely for all of us,” while ensuring she made the most of the marina vistas and skyscraper-filled setting – which are most resplendent from her bedroom and her living room.

Despite having a new addition to the family, Heidi was determined not to completely sacrifice chic aesthetics in striving to be child friendly. “My mum said she just taught me and my brother not to touch precious things, the same way she taught us to not touch fire or hot things!”

Raeside highlights some special pieces in her home; she loves the unique retro-zoo artwork commissions by Mel Pickup that adorn her son James’ room and is thrilled with her desk – a Dubizzle purchase that she picked up while trawling the site for bargains.  

“Last year I bought my husband a photograph, taken by a local photographer, of the marina where we live,” she tells us about a piece that takes pride of place in the dining room. “It’s always a talking point with guests as it hangs over the dinner table. It’s a new favourite item in the house.”

Given that Heidi is forever photographing beautiful homes for her blog, she has a plethora of inspirational interiors from which to draw inspiration for her own home. She also admits to always being on the look-out for special pieces and isn’t afraid to make impulse purchases during her quest to make her new Dubai Marina apartment a home. 

Top Tips 
● Don’t sacrifice too much in order to be child friendly – have designated areas designed for adults, that are out of bounds for the little ones.
● It can be useful to trawl blogs and comparison websites like Dubizzle for inspiration and price points without having to schlep for hours around the malls.