Heidi Raeside

04 Mar 2013
By Ahlanlive.com

Creator of the blog tuesdayschild.me

This British mum-of-two is celebrating stylish motherhood through her popular blog, tuesdayschild, which since its launch in September 2012 has featured some of the UAE’s most fashionable mums, from fashion mag editors to business leaders.

Tell us about tuesdayschild.
There are so many amazing mums around me and in the media in the UAE who are achieving so much and having such a great time with motherhood. I wanted to celebrate this in a similar way that some of the blogs I was following in the US do.

How is your blog being received?
Given the international mix of mums featured, it gets visits from all over the world. A lot of people without children follow it too for the interiors and style angles.

How will you evolve the site?
I’d love to share my maternity style ideas – the pickings are so slim here. If I could use tuesdayschild.me as a brand that might emerge from the blog, that would be brilliant.

Is it easier bringing up children in the UAE?
One hundred and 10 per cent. Everything from the domestic help available, to the weather, to the child-friendly amenities makes it much easier. Also, with Dubai being such a compact city my husband and I have never worked very far from home, which offers a lovely work-life balance.

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