Heidi Klum's New Man Martin Kristen Warns Seal

Heidi Klum's new boyfriend has reportedly warned her estranged husband Seal not to "disrespect" her
Heidi Klum's New Man Martin Kristen Warns Seal
Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum’s new boyfriend reportedly “won’t stand” for her being “disrespected”. Heidi’s estranged husband Seal caused widespread shock when he accused her of having an affair "with the help” during their marriage. His outburst came after it was reported that Heidi was dating her bodyguard of four years Martin Kristen.

She has now confirmed the relationship, with Martin apparently livid about Seal’s remarks.

“Martin’s an old-fashioned guy and will not stand to be disrespected. But more than that, he won’t stand to have his woman disrespected,” a source told National Enquirer.

Seal was quick to release a statement insisting his comments had been taken out of context. Not long after, Heidi admitted she and Seal have a difficult relationship at the moment.

Martin has apparently warned Seal not to be rude about the German supermodel again.

“Man up and quit disrespecting Heidi,” he is quoted as saying.

Heidi confirmed her new romance on a US TV show, saying she and Martin are happy to take things slowly at the moment.

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