Heidi Klum to Sue Over Racy Pics

Heidi Klum wants to sue over topless photos published of her but realises "she might have better luck" if she waits for Kate Middleton to "blaze the legal trail" first
Heidi Klum to Sue Over Racy Pics
Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum is considering filing a lawsuit over topless photos that were published of her - reportedly "comparing" her plight to that of Kate Middleton, Britain's Duchess of Cambridge.

The German star was pictured on vacation in the south of France with her new bodyguard beau when she was unwittingly snapped without a bikini top on.

The revealing photos have surfaced on several websites since, and insiders say she is hoping to take legal action against whoever first published the pictures - in a situation mirroring Kate Middleton.

"The supermodel's camp is on the hunt for the source publication... claiming her right to privacy was violated because she was on a private and secluded beach at the time the pics were taken," a source told US website TMZ. "Heidi is comparing her situation to that of Kate Middleton.”

TMZ reports that Heidi wants to sue but realises "she might have better luck if she waits for Kate to blaze the legal trail."

French magazine Closer printed topless images of Kate enjoying a holiday in Provence with her husband Prince William - much to the anger of the palace. This week, a French court granted an injunction preventing further publication of the images in the country after the couple lodged a complaint.

It was reported yesterday that police raided the headquarters of Closer France in pursuit of the photographer who took the topless photos.

However, publishing group Mondadori denied such action in a statement.

"There were no policemen at the office of Closer. There was no police search. The public prosecutor's office of Nanterre denied it as well," they revealed.

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