Heidi Klum Insured Legs for Dhs7.3 million

Supermodel wants to ensure her pins are protected
Monday , 19 September 2011
Heidi Klum Insured Legs for Dhs7.3 million
Check out Heidi Klum's pins

German supermodel Heidi Klum’s legs have been insured for $2 million (Dhs7.3 million).

The former Victoria’s Secret beauty, who is married to singer Seal, had to have her infamous pins examined before a price could be placed on them. Heidi even revealed that one leg is worth more than the other due to an imperfection from a glass wound.

Heidi told TV news show Extra, “I didn’t personally have them insured, but a client of mine did. Basically, I was in London, and I had to go to this place where they check out your legs. They would look at them and I had one scar here from when I fell on a glass, so this (left leg) isn’t as pricey and this (right) one.”

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