Heidi Klum

Heidi’s Post-Baby Diet

25 Nov 2009
By Ahlanlive.com

She’s supermodel slim again just a month after giving birth!

Heidi Klum hit the runway this week, to model lingerie for Victoria’s Secret, an amazing four weeks after giving birth to her daughter – and fourth child – Lou Samuel.

And, while the 36-year-old has famously bucked the size zero trend saying, “I’m curvy, so take it or leave it” – pals say the mum-of-four’s determined to prove she’s still got the modelling chops to compete with waif-like girls half her age when she struts her stuff on the catwalk.

“She’s determined to wow everyone when she walks,” said a source. Star Style discovers her post-pregnancy diet secrets...

Super-strict diet
New York-based fitness guru, David Kirsch – who flew to LA specifically to help his A-list client – cleaned out Heidi’s refrigerator, starting with her fave German brekkie, bread and liverwurst.

“You just have to say ‘no’,” says Heidi, who keeps her energy up by eating four or five small healthy meals a day.

While an insider spilled, “Heidi’s swapped processed carbs, sugar, dairy and fruit for egg white omelettes, spinach salads and grilled tuna with quinoa.”

Twice-daily workouts
The super has moved David into her home to put her through her paces with a tough exercise regime.

“She’s pushing herself through gruelling twice-daily workouts,” said a pal.

Heidi’s Typical Diet

Breakfast:Egg white omelette with spinach

Mid-Morning:Protein shake

Lunch:Grilled tuna with lentil and kidney bean salad

Snack:An apple

Dinner:Skinless chicken breast with steamed green vegetables