Heavy traffic fines imposed on National Day related offenses

Don't do anything rash
ByMashal AbbasiWednesday , 29 November 2017
Heavy traffic fines imposed on National Day related offenses

Decorated cars, incessant honking and of course, snow and string spray.

UAE streets are a riot of music, colour and happiness over National Day weekend, and it's always fun to go out and see. However, some motorists tend to take things too far, causing more harm than good. 

Dubai Police have issued a warning ahead of the UAE's 46th National Day celebrations, stressing that bad behaviour and dangerous driving will result in fines of up to Dhs2,000 and 23 black points, reports Gulf News.

Here is a list of potential offences, along with corresponding fines:

  • Dangerous driving: Dhs2,000 fine, 23 black points and 60 days of vehicle impounding
  • Stopping the vehicle in the middle of the road for no reason: Dhs1,000 fine and six black points
  • Driving a noisy vehicle: Dhs2,000 fine and 12 traffic points 
  • Exceeding permitted car window tinting: Dhs1,500 fine
  • Driving a vehicle in an unauthorised march: Dhs500 fine, four black points and 15 days impoundment 
  • Writing words or putting posters on the vehicle without permission: Dhs500 fine 
  • Using the horn or car stereo in a manner that annoy others: Dhs400 fine and four black points 
  • Not following traffic instructions: Dhs400 fine and four black points 
  • Blocking traffic: Dhs400 fine 
  • Throwing garbage from the vehicle: Dhs1,000 and six black points 
  • Intentionally covering a plate number: Dhs400 fine 
Make sure to follow traffic rules, and enjoy the National Day break!

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