HEARTBREAKING: Dubai 'dad' beats boy to death

No child deserves to be treated so violently
ByAhlan! Live ReporterMonday , 26 October 2015
HEARTBREAKING: Dubai 'dad' beats boy to death
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A Dubai father has gone on trial for beating his 12-year-old son to death. Shocking, yes, but the story gets more twisted. The 27-year-old Nigerian businessman claimed the boy was his son, but DNA tests proved otherwise.

Dubai Court of First Instance heard the man started abusing the boy shortly after bringing him to Dubai just over a year ago. The man allegedly told authorities that he beat the child for not doing his homework. Medical reports state the boy had bruises that showed signs he was kicked, beaten and punched. The young boy also had had cracked ribs, possibly caused by someone sitting or standing on his chest, according to 7Days newspaper.

The boy passed away on 18 April after the “father” called an ambulance, which rushed him to hospital. “He told me he gave the boy milk after which he started vomiting and complaining of stomach pain,” a policeman said in court. “There were signs of abuse on the boy’s body and his death was caused by internal bleeding due to a blow in the abdomen.”

A security guard, who worked in the family’s building in Al Qusais, also testified: “Just three days before the incident I saw him holding his son’s head and pushing it underwater as if he was trying to drown him. He told me that he was teaching him how to swim.”

Dubai Police said they found the phrase “help, I got hit in my stomach” in the boy’s internet browser history.

The suspect has since been charged with premediated murder.

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