Healthy Food Ideas for Kids

16 Dec 2011

From the Movenpick’s new healthy kids’ menu to hydrating drinks for little ones

Monkeys, millipedes and little bears on a new healthy kids menu
A tiny farm girl is raking spaghetti from a tube; a small bear is peeking from a mug; a mini hard-hat workman is installing tomato into a burger and a little girl is struggling to keep the monkeys away from the cake pops. What’s all this about? Moevenpick Hotels & Resorts has launched a new healthy Power Bites menu for children at over 30 hotels across Middle East & Asia, with all ingredients low on fat, salt and fatty meat. Fruit and vegetables abound. Created to make eating food fun for children, the new menu also adds to the nutritional value. Moevenpick invites kids to eat with their fingers, to paint carrots and arrange mini characters. Scuba toys prepare to dive into a bowl of mixed fruit; monkeys race up leaves to fresh banana smoothies; a workman examines tomato sauce for organic sausages; a mini shopping trolley carries rice cakes and a tomato-headed millipede crawls across a plate on cucumber feet. Looks like the new menu is making eating out child’s play.


Honest Kids hydrating drinks
While most kids aren’t interested in plain old H2O, the sugary alternatives they’d prefer to get their mitts on are a no-no; and who has time to squeeze fresh juice for the tykes in the morning? New Age Beverages offer an alternative that promises flavour, rehydration, and one hundred percent of a kid’s RDA of vitamin C. Instead of sugar, Honest Kids drinks are sweetened with organic sugar cane and do not contain high fructose corn syrup. “Our Honest Kids beverage range is ideal for parents and children alike – the healthy drink ensures kids are hydrated and the delicious juices are great for lunchboxes and those on the go!” said Nicole Lau, Director of New Age Beverages. Five flavours are currently available, each one clocking-in at an un-hyper 40 calories. Our current favourites are Appley Ever After and Goodness Grapeness.