Healthy Cakes Hit Dubai

Samia Ataya launched a cake brand that would fix her sugar cravings
Healthy Cakes Hit Dubai
Samia Ataya

Samia Ataya was determined to launch her own business when she moved back to Dubai. She did it. Her products now line the shelves of Spinneys.

She spent years in America, fretting over what to feed her children, after friends within the food industry revealed the horrifying ingredients used in many mass-produced products. So Samia returned to the UAE, determined to make a difference. This was the beginning of Catwalk Cow.

“My downfall has always been my sweet tooth,” admits Samia, “so I decided to start Catwalk Cow and create packet mixes of sweet-tasting treats, like brownies and cupcakes, minus the bad fats and sugars.”

Samia had already perfected the recipes that she wanted to use, before she arrived back in the UAE, tastetesting the treats on her three young children. And so determined was she to keep the quality high, she has since refused offers of business partnerships or investors.

“I was concerned that investors would always want to look at ways to cut costs and make more money, rather than making sure we were using the best ingredients.”

She adds: ‘I would rather make less money and feel satisfied that I’m producing a good product. I had to make sure that Dubai Government and Spinneys thought so too so I spent a lot of time making sure our factory was perfect and the ingredients were up to scratch. It was tricky, but the inspection went well and I was granted my licence after a few scary months. Spinneys agreed to stock my products six-weeks later. The process was  very quick.”

And her work is not her only success. Determined to stay in shape, Samia built a home  gym. Now this is a woman who means business.

Find Catwalk Cow at the larger branches of Spinneys.