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I am slightly scared of using weights at the gym. Do I really need them to ditch my bingo wings?
Omar Al-Duri
Omar Al-Duri

Q: I get a little intimidated when I see the weights at the gym so I avoid them. It always seems to be guys with thick necks who pick them up. My friend told me that if I want to get toned they’re the only way. Do I really need to use them or is there another way of ditching my bingo wings? Shona, 27

Omar Al-Duri says: What’s important when it comes to training is variety and a number of different methods to shock the body and keep it guessing to promote change and development. The female body requires weight training as much as the male, as definition and toning are goals often mentioned. If you feel intimidated to train weights in the weights area because of guys groaning, pick up a few light weights or ask for assistance and take them into a stretch area or open space and perform the exercises at your own pace without pressure.

Omar Al-Duri, BSc Sports Science and Education. Voted SHAPE’s Personal Trainer of the Year 2011.

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