Head to the drive-thru to pay your Dubai traffic fines

Head to the drive-thru to pay your Dubai traffic fines

10 Oct 2017

A new facility has been rolled out for motorists

Last Exit has just become a one-stop shop for all your food and police-related needs!

Confused? Let us explain.

Dubai Police has installed drive-thru services at three key Last Exit locations, Al Khawaneej, E11 and Mad X restaurant. 

Brigadier Khalid Al Razooqi, director of Smart Services Department at Dubai Police, said: “Dubai Police provide many ways and points for residents to pay their traffic fines or get other police services and this drive-thru service is part of it. It will be opened by the end of the year.”

The drive-thru will offer 19 police services for the moment, including the payment of traffic fines. Eight more services, including reporting crimes, will soon be added. It has also been designed to look like an old police car, fitting in with the Last Exit theme.

“We want to reduce the number of people coming to police stations by 80 per cent and this is part of Smart Police Station initiative to have a drive-through locations where customers can avail services while sitting in their cars,” said Major General Abdullah Khalifa Al Merri, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, reports Gulf News.

Will you be using the drive-thrus? We definitely will!