Hazza Is Getting Back With Chelsy

Party Prince has vowed to tame his ways for Chelsy!
Tuesday , 06 September 2011
Hazza Is Getting Back With Chelsy
Prince Harry

While Prince Harry has dumped Flo Brudenell-Bruce, and is intent on living up to his playboy party Prince persona in Croatia last week, Chelsy Davy is still very much in the picture.

According to sources, there could well be a Chelsy and Harry reconciliation on the cards after he vowed to tame his partying ways.

My source says, “Harry and Chelsy are still very close and their relationship is continuously on and off.”

“They have met up since she returned from her summer break and now they are both based in London he has promised to calm it down a bit.“

“Chelsy is back in London this week to focus on her legal work with Allen and Overy and she knows Harry will be there.”

“Harry and his ex Flo was just a brief fling and it was used to get at Chelsy as they were frenemies from their time together at the Stowe school.” Ouch!