Hazy skies hit Dubai!

Hazy skies hit Dubai!

23 Jun 2015

So what's going on with the weather today?

It seems Dubai's grey skies has everyone in a daze today. The city's weather started off darker than its usual sunny self this morning. According to Emirates 24/7, the lowest temperature that was recorded today was 25.8C in Damsa which is the lowest it’s been in the past couple of months. Strange, considering it's the start of summer.

The National Centre of Meterology and Seismology said that temperatures will remain between 34 degrees and 39 degrees over coastal areas and may hit highs of 44 degrees in internal areas. In the mountains, temperatures could hit mid-30s.

The weather pattern is expected to continue over the next 2 days, remaining slightly cloudy and hazy. Expect reduced visibility due to winds blowing sand and dust. So be extra careful on the roads. The wind speed could also reach highs of 50km per hour starting out northwesterly before coming southeasterly by night over the northern coast.

Humidity is likely to increase during the night and early morning over internal and coastal areas, hitting highs of 95 per cent. The sea will be rough in the Arabian Gulf and moderate to rough at times in the Oman Sea, so beachgoers beware.