Hay Diet

The one with lots of fruit and vegetables
Monday , 02 May 2011
Hay Diet

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WHAT’S INVOLVED: Considered to be one of the first fashion diets, this is ideal for those who suffer from digestive problems, since it breaks your diet down into three categories: alkaline, acidic and neutral. Creator Dr William Hay believes the diet works by combining the three groups in a specific way to promote better health and weight-loss. The basic rules entail eating fruit, vegetables and salads as part of a main diet, and never combining carbohydrates with protein and acidic fruit. It also recommends eating protein, starch and fats in small quantities. Eat only wholegrain and unprocessed starches, and allow four hours between big meals.


  • As it’s a complicated one to follow, you’ll need to buy some literature on the diet
  • You must ditch all processed foods, so mo more margarine, white flour or white bread - it’s wholegrain all the way, baby

VERDICT: There have been no major reports of weight loss following this diet. However, the diet is said to be good for reversing chronic and degenerative conditions such as constipation, indigestion and arthritis.  Another pro of the diet is that it generally helps increase your intake of fruit and vegetables. The main con is that it’s very hard to follow.

“The main thing about the Hay diet is that it emphasises the avoidance of specific food combinations (combining). Apart from the fact that it is quite difficult to stick to, there are a number of things that the diet promotes that are really good for most people. The diet includes more fruit, vegetables and steering clear of processed foods. Three aspects that, apart from the combining, are pretty much what is needed for a healthy diet,” says Ryan Penny, Clinical Nutritionist and Conditioning Coach for The Wellness Brothers. “The weight-loss that results probably has less to do with the actual food combining than it does with the tendency to eat less by not mixing proteins and starchy carbs in the same meal. Most people feel ‘lighter’ after the meals and comment on a less bloated, more efficient digestive function. All in all a good option in my opinion, but probably best suited to those who like details and doing things by the book.”

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