Have Jennifer Lawrence and Melissa Rivers Made up after their Feud?

Following their public feud JLaw recounts awkward on-set meeting with Melissa
ByHend FadelMonday , 28 December 2015
Have Jennifer Lawrence and Melissa Rivers Made up after their Feud?
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Jennifer Lawrence felt awkward meeting Melissa Rivers

Jennifer Lawrence feared it would be uncomfortable meeting Joan River’s daughter, Melissa, on the set of her new film Joy.

The Hunger Games star became engaged in a war of words with Joan in 2013 after taking aim at the late comedienne's Fashion Police series, accusing show producers of encouraging youngsters to criticise others over their appearance and insisting it should be illegal to call people fat on TV.

Joan responded to the attack on social media, accusing the 25-year-old of arrogance, and claiming that Jennifer is regularly seen in airbrushed photoshoots.

Earlier this year, Melissa Rivers was invited to play her mother in Joy, Jennifer's new film about entrepreneur Joy Mangano, who found fame after selling her Miracle Mop invention to bosses at shopping channel QVC, on which Joan frequently appeared.

On a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live, Jennifer explained what happened upon meeting Melissa: "I wondered if it was going to be uncomfortable. I really do love Joan Rivers, she's had such an incredible life and is an unbelievable woman. I just am very opinionated, too. I don't think Joan and I would have had a dispute had we met, so I said that to Melissa and was complimentary of her mum, and kind of got it out of the way immediately. Afterwards it wasn't uncomfortable, and then we were great."

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