Haute Hats at the Dubai World Cup 2012

01 Apr 2012
By Ahlanlive.com

Headgear to make you swoon! Take a look, ladies

From feathers, lace, netting and even hair, hats at the Dubai World Cup 2012 were as extravagant as ever. Bright colours ruled in the millinery stakes, with shocks of pinks, oranges and yellows dominating track side.

Christiane Edmondson from Belgium and Dubai-based Karen Hamilton were the milliners of choice with many of their works of art spotted atop fashionable fillies on race day.

By far the most show stopping though, were two hats made completely out of hair and sculpted to represent the iconic Burj Khalifa and, fitting for the occasion, a horse. The creations were the work of local salons Formul'A Hairdressing Academy and VOG Color Your Life and apparently took days to construct.

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