Hatty Pedder

Imitating Dubai life through art
ByJasmine BandaliWednesday , 05 March 2014
Hatty Pedder
© ITP Images
Ten years ago... I was working as a fashion stylist, which developed with me moving into natural light fashion and wedding and portrait photography

Having arrived in Dubai almost 20 years ago, when the arts scene in Dubai was virtually non-existent, British artist Hatty discovered that finding work in her field was a challenge. Deviating from her traditional craft as an illustrator, Hatty began to explore art through different channels, by becoming a fashion stylist and photographer. The years that followed slowly but surely saw Dubai establish itself as a global arts hub, giving Hatty the confidence to return to her roots. Around six years ago she combined her talent and originality to create stories through illustrative expression. She started by painting weddings, which proved so popular that she was soon illustrating corporate functions and working on private commissions, before working on her own collection of paintings.

Now, as an established artist in the region, Hatty’s work has been regularly showcased through exhibitions at the Mojo Gallery. With her early experience in fashion and photography in the emirates playing a large part in her art today, Hatty is grateful to have had that foundation. Coupled with a love for travelling, Hatty’s most recent exhibition, Kosh Bosh! inspired by Beirut, showcased last year at the Mojo after a year of research. The collection was snapped up by the Raffles Hotel, which also features her illustrations for the hotel’s ‘The Collection’ Afternoon Teas. Last year finished with the new experience of live drawing for VIP events for luxury brands Lanvin, Mont Blanc and Marchon.