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Hatem Alakeel

29 Mar 2018
By Ahlanlive.com

The entrepreneur and designer at Toby by Hatem Alakeel is ready to take Saudi fashion to the world

  • My biggest achievement and ultimate goal will be to change perceptions about tradition and to make international platforms look at Saudi tradition and culture as relevant, polished and just as sophisticated and advanced as in any other international fashion hub.
  • If you go to #TobyFashionFilm on my Instagram you will find my fashion films, which I have also been directing myself. They reflect many of my messages I am trying to convey and all the innovative and progressive turns that traditional fashion in Saudi is making. 
  • Seeing Saudi Arabia move in a more  moderate and progressive direction, and all the current positive changes that are impacting the GCC, is a highlight for me in the past year. I’m also happy that women can finally drive in Saudi now, and that young artists, designers and entrepreneurs are reaching new heights.
  • The UAE has embraced me since the beginning and has given me a platform and nurtured and received my brand with open arms.
  • One is likely to succeed at something they enjoy.

Photo location: Drift, One & Only Royal Mirage, Dubai