Hatem Alakeel

The Saudi designer described as the Tom Ford of the kandora
Thursday , 06 April 2017
Hatem Alakeel
Hatem Alakeel
  • Although my brand, Toby, is known for menswear, I’m happy that I’ve taken this forward in 2016 and am now working on a range for women as a way of solidifying the brand. Toby Femme is being recognised globally in its own right, as well as being synonymous with Toby.

  • Hard work and perseverance is key, as well as realising that the only way to float and grow is to try to be unique in creating one's signature style.

  • I’m a fashion designer, yet I’m also an entrepreneur and a business man. I must wear many hats and it’s sometimes challenging to juggle the creative side with the business.

  • I like to make people feel good about themselves, and seeing my ideas come to life is what makes me most proud of my work.

  • Don't let anyone discourage you with an idea you feel passionate about. If the will is there anything is possible.

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