Hate Waiting In Line At Dubai International Airport?

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ByMashal AbbasiWednesday , 10 May 2017
Hate Waiting In Line At Dubai International Airport?
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Dubai International Airport has some ridiculously long queues!

Fortunately for travellers, wait times have dropped by around 10 per cent during this first quarter of 2017, thanks to the implementation of two new technologies at the world's busiest airport.

Smart Gates
The first technology is Smart Gates, reports Khaleej Times. Smart Gates is a new service that enables the use of Emirates ID cards to pass through automated immigration gates at the airport, and has pushed down transaction times to an average of 10 to 15 seconds per passenger. Since its introduction last year, over 1.3 million UAE users have taken advantage of the service. It is absolutely free and requires no pre-registration. The service is available all across the airport, making passing through immigration fast and convenient for all UAE residents.

Motion Sensor System
The second technology behind shorter wait times is a sophisticated motion sensor system that allows the airport to track queues in real time. The sensors track the movement of people, and calculate data pertaining to passenger wait times and queue lengths. The data is read via mobile application by more than 5,000 operational staff across working at the airport. The app alerts all teams in real time and allows staff to quickly identify bottlenecks and facilitate the deployment of resources to address them.

Both technologies support Dubai Airports' DXB Plus programme, designed to improve service while increasing capacity to 118 million passengers at DXB by 2018.

Have you used the Smart Gates?

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