Hassan S Alsheikh

The Star FM presenter lighting up the Abu Dhabi skyline
Sunday , 20 March 2016
Hassan S Alsheikh
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Hassan S Alsheikh
• I started 2015 a minute earlier than the rest of the world as I was presenting the official fireworks countdown in Abu Dhabi, and the technical guys misunderstood my “last minute of 2014, 3-2-1” for the actual count of midnight, and fireworks lit the skies. 
• Amazing things continued throughout the year as I got nominated for Ahlan!’s Best Male Personality 2015, presented lots of incredible events and worked really hard on my YouTube show, which launched in January.
• I’d like to believe I’m a good observer of people and there’s always a thing or two to learn from those around you. I have admiration for the late Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple, as it’s generally those who are passionate about what they do that do it for me – there’s something magical about that.  
• Hard work and loving what you do are not secrets and since there are no shortcuts to success, just make sure you enjoy the journey and document what you do – a blog’s a good idea. Today is never coming back, so make the most of it.
• I don’t call anything I do ‘work’. Everything I do is something I really enjoy. Even in my downtime when I’m watching a good movie, I’m potentially getting content for the radio show, or learning a trick or two about cinematography or the music score, or acting. I’m in to all of these things. I’m studying photography and I wish I’d got into it a bit earlier; I just love this form of visual art. 
• The UAE is home for me. Being born and raised here, I literally saw it turning from sand to land. I’m a strong believer in the vision of our leader, HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Ruler of Abu Dhabi and the President of the UAE, and no matter where I where I travel, I always miss being here. There is just so much happening that it keeps you entertained and alive at the same time. 
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