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Has Chris Brown been Handed Another Restraining Order?

30 Mar 2016

An alleged girlfriend has taken the singer to court over threats

Chris Brown has had a history of violence when it comes to his romantic endeavours. Who could forget the Rihanna incident in 2009?

It seems that the singer now has a bit of a stalker in the form of a certain Ms Daniette Patti, 27. Patti was taken into custody in December last year for allegedly driving onto the Loyal singer's Woodland Hills, California estate via an open electric gate. When asked to leave by Brown's security, she refused and was subsequently arrested on suspicion of criminal trespass, according to TMZ.

The drama is far from over however. Earlier this month, Patti claimed she was dating Brown at the time of her arrest and was already at his house during the incident. She further stated that she was attempting to leave his property but was unable to since a vehicle was blocking her in the driveway.

Patti accused the singer of purposefully having her arrested, and went on to claim that Brown had been constantly attacking her on social media since the encounter, even making a death threat. As a result of these allegations, Patti was granted a temporary restraining order against Brown, but she was back in a Los Angeles courtroom earlier this week, hoping a judge would make the order permanent.

However, when the presiding justice asked Patti to provide proof of threatening messages from the star, she came up empty, telling the judge she erased all messages because the alleged notes 'scared' her and she 'didn't want the memories', according to TMZ.

Patti also confessed she did not have Brown's phone number or email address, leading the judge to subsequently denied her request. 

It seems Chris Brown has gotten away this time, as Patti didn't have enough evidence against him.

Who do you think is telling the truth?