Has Angelina Jolie Turned To Surgery?

Angelina Jolie could be taking things to extremes as she preps for her wedding to Brad Pitt
Tuesday , 18 December 2012
Check out the crow’s feet!
Check out the crow’s feet!
Has Angelina Jolie turned to surgery?
Has Angelina Jolie turned to surgery?

We all want to look our best when we walk down the aisle, but according to new reports, Angelina Jolie could be taking it to extremes! The National Enquirer reported she “desperately wants a head-to-toe overhaul, and an expert estimates it could cost her a cool $45,000.”

Spilled the paper’s source, “Angelina believes she looks old and she’s tired of it… She’s freaking out over the frown lines on her forehead, her jowls and a few pockets of fat that she’s spotted on her tummy, butt and thighs.” We think Ange looks pretty darned good for a mother of six and should definitely avoid the knife, but the source dished that it’s all about gravity, not the pounds.

For the complete story, including deets on Brangelina's number wedding venue,  get your copy of Ahlan! out on stands Wednesday 19 December.

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