Harry Potter greatest entertainer of decade

Character beats YouTube to top spot
Monday , 28 December 2009
Harry Potter greatest entertainer of decade

J.K. Rowlings's character "Harry Potter" has beaten every TV show, film, song and social networking site like Facebook or video site like YouTube to win the greatest "entertainer" of the decade award.

US magazine Entertainment Weekly had come up with a list of top 100 things that have entertained people and for this they looked through all entertaining options including books, music videos, fashion and trends, reports ok.co.uk.

According to the survey, Harry Potter lived in our memories more vividly than any other character we have read or seen on screen this decade.

"It is precisely because J.K. Rowling created him not as a mighty doer of epic deeds but as a regular kid; a teenager just trying to get by in a crazy, scary world. Who can't relate to that?" reported the magazine.

Harry Potter, played by Daniel Radcliffe in the film series, has beaten YouTube and television series "The Sopranos" to the top spot.