Harrods' Super-car Strife.

Harrods 'clamp' down on noisy super-cars.
ByThomas StephensonWednesday , 29 July 2015
Harrods' Super-car Strife.

With over 15 million visitors annually, London is one of the world's busiest tourist destinations, and since 2010 - when Qatar bought one of the city's most famous landmarks, Harrods - more and more visitors from the Middle East have made England's capital a prime escape from the summer heat. But would a trip to a glamorous city really be complete without a luxury set of wheels?

A lot of these cars rendezvous at major city hotspots, revving their 800 horsepower, twin turbo engines, performing stunts, and generally not considering those around them. Needless to say the local residents of Knightsbridge weren't too happy, and it hasn't taken long for local authorities to step in and do something about it.

A new law known as the Public Space Protection Order hopes to silence the engine revving and anything else that might cause anyone a headache. Car owners could be fined £100 (approx. QR570) for any violations or clamped on the side of the road, and those found to violate repeatedly may have their cars confiscated entirely!

So if the next time you're heading over to England you plan on checking in your Porsche, make sure to keep it down in the Capital or you might need to rent a car once you return home!