Harmeek Singh

The entrepreneur who's leading the way to new markets
Tuesday , 22 March 2016
Harmeek Singh
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Harmeek Singh
• This past year was amazing. Beside business as usual, I spent an equal part of my days planning for a concept to establish ‘parallel markets’ for various industries to counter any potential market slowdown. I’ve successfully created platforms in lucrative business capitals for local brands to expand. The concept promotes two-way traffic for investments and product reach, and has produced results above expectations for all clients we’ve introduced this to.
• There’s no set formula for trendsetting, but planning, foreknowledge and a gut that doesn’t let you down helps. I still believe in the basics of being honest, staying focused and following my heart, and I think that this combination is my secret to successful business.
• I like to refer to myself as a ‘strategy artist’ as my work creates new routes, campaigns and approaches that enable other businesses and individuals to achieve their goals. I founded Plan B about 14 years ago, and today the group has six companies under its banner involved in advertising, events, public relations, film production and marketing.
• Instant success is always short-term. Investing time in building a strong base is time well spent. Life will throw you curveballs at every corner, but if your foundations are strong you can always stand tall in the face of adversities.
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