Harmeek Singh

The entrepreneur who has proven it’s always worth having a Plan B
ByAhlan! Live ReporterThursday , 19 March 2015
Harmeek Singh
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Expanding operations to five countries was a challenge but Kenya became a surprisingly successful market for my company, Plan B. Developing the existing Plan B companies, concentrating on events and advertising, wasn’t the end of it. We also launched two new enterprises; bMovies and bSocial, which will handle the group’s PR, social media and strategy.
My career has also taken on a culinary dimension. I am determined to grow my restaurant venture, Oye Punjabi, with more outlets.
I’m writing a book, The World That Was. It’s about  the human race moving towards a mechanical era with actual emotions becoming secondary. 
I’m a dreamer. There have been periods when I felt others judged me materialistically. But a person does not, and should not, change with their bank balance. What matters is your character.
I’m now going to concentrate on growing the new ventures I started in 2014. Ensuring a strong international footprint is our target for 2015. 

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