harmeek singh

Harmeek Singh

18 Jun 2014

Al Barsha 1

Harmeek Singh, Managing Director of Plan B Advertising and Plan B Events, has called his Al Barsha villa home for the past three years, having moved into it, along with his wife, Tina, and their two children from their previous abode in Jumeirah. He admits that credit for the move and subsequent interior decorating – which took about four months to complete – is due to his wife alone, ruefully laughing that his role was financier for the project. Getting the decor right was extremely important since Harmeek’s choice of a bustling metropolis locale was a compromise for his dream of the peace and quiet associated with having a small villa on top of a hill, surrounded by nature.

The Singhs envisaged their home as having an aesthetic that fused modernity with classic design. This vision is expressed elegantly by the painted table, gifted by Harmeek’s parents, which takes pride of place alongside a nineteenth-century chest of drawers, a hand-made Buddha statue and an armoured bottle casing from Scotland’s Rosslyn Chapel. A painting by his wife is a particularly prized possession and a glittering Swarovski-encrusted table was the most difficult piece to get hold of.  

Harmeek loves his bar – an extravagance that resides in his pool-table room – a late but much-wanted addition to the interior scheme. The space becomes a den for the boys on match nights and houses an oval relaxer chair that Harmeek laughs is his favourite piece of furniture to sink into at the end of a gruelling day at work. Another of his indulgences is a perimeter lighting system that offers up ten ambiance options to suit different occasions and moods.

Top Tips
● Pop into INDEX, the interior and architectural trade show held annually at The World Trade Centre. It’s a fantastic showcase with international companies bringing their expertise here.
● Ensuring that your home flows well is essential. Visitors need to be welcomed with the rooms leading off from one another in an organic manner. Using colour to highlight specific areas is a great way to achieve that.