Happy Christmas?

15 Nov 2011
By Ahlanlive.com

Russ & Katy in war over holiday plans...

Katy Perry and Russel Brand have only just celebrated their one year wedding anniversary, and just like we predicted several weeks ago the couple confirmed they will take a break from their hectic work schedules to settle down to have a family next year.

Although the couple are trying hard to make their marriage work, there are still a number of issues that seem to hamper their union – the latest being what they should do for the Christmas and New Year holiday, sources say.

My source tells me, “Katy wants to spend it with her parents in the US and they don’t want to travel to England. Russell wants to spend his time with family and friends in the UK as he always feels at home there.”

Last month, we revealed how the couple were taking time out to make their marriage work. However, sources feel that if they have fallen out over such a small thing so soon, it could very well   be doomed.

The source adds, “They’ve spent more time apart than together during this marriage and when they are together it’s not good. It won’t last.”

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