Happy Birthday! IKEA is 70 Years Old!

To celebrate, IKEA has brought back some limited edition ÅRGÅNG Collection. Because retro is always trendy!
BySusanna WolfeTuesday , 21 October 2014
Happy Birthday! IKEA is 70 Years Old!

I love a bit of vintage, so this really fits my bill!

Celebrating 70 years of IKEA, they've decided to bring some of their favourite products back to the store through their limited edition ÅRGÅNG Collection this fall. From furniture and lighting to textiles and tableware, their top 26 products will make fine centrepieces in your homes today!

These simple timeless products have been chosen from across the IKEA treasure chest of old catalogues, anniversary pieces and even products personally created by the first few IKEA designers and Ingvar Kamprad himself. These products bring with them the history of IKEA itself over the last 70 years showcasing the true brand identity.

The products chosen to be part of the ÅRGÅNG Collection blend vintage and contemporary in a beautiful combination that allows it to fit into a modern home effortlessly. While the designs remain classic, they are now produced with modern materials to marry style and comfort like never before. As if a memoir of time itself, the ÅRGÅNG Collection is sure to charm interior design enthusiasts.

Time to have a trip down there, me thinks..

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