Hanan Sobati

The founder of Arabian Gazelles – the region’s first female-only luxury and sports car club
Monday , 25 November 2019
Hanan Sobati

•The UAE is my adopted country; I have spent more years here than in my own country, Algeria, and both of my kids were born here. Living here is a blessing. I often describe myself as a self-appointed ambassador, as I find myself praising the UAE and its leaders for their progress, humility, and tolerance when talking to international media.

•My role model has become HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. His vision for the UAE and its implementation have had a domino effect on the whole region. If all of these achievements can be distilled to a single word for Sheikh Mohammed’s vision, it would be “happiness.” As he puts it: “Good governance is about nothing more or less than creating happiness. It really is that simple.”

•I am aware that there are things I can do to lessen my environmental impact, but there’s still room to grow. I am a work in progress.

•We need more sustainable cities that tackle the social, economic and environmental issues we are facing.

•Next year, I’m planning a TV documentary series about Arabian Gazelles, which will highlight the profiles of the fabulous, empowered women.

•I encourage everyone to take a step out of their comfort zone. Stop pleasing others. Instead, find your own happiness which will radiate through you and, in turn, make the people around you happier as well.