Hamdan Bin Mohammed Heritage Centre: 2nd Camel Journey

To be part of the 15 voyagers of this year’s convoy, make sure to register
ByLea El BawabWednesday , 13 January 2016
The Camel Journey begins later this month
The Camel Journey begins later this month
The Camel Journey begins later this month
The Camel Journey begins later this month
The Camel Journey begins later this month
The Camel Journey begins later this month

The Hamdan Bin Mohammed Heritage Centre’s goal is to conserve the sense of national identity among all generations of Emiratis, especially the younger one. They always make sure to promote their culture, values and traditions.

The centre organizes lots of events, and this year they’re organizing a Camel Journey which is from Wednesday 20 January until Monday 1 February 2016.

The convoy will include a group of 15 participants from different nationalities. It will be led by Yemeni voyager Ahmed Al Qassimi, and the journey will cross different emirates for a distance of approximately 500 km.

One of the people taking part is French ex-pat Charlotte Sarrazin, who told Ahlan! that she wants to learn more about the Emirati culture. "As soon as I heard about it I was interested. I've been living in Dubai for three years and I'm happy to finally be able to delve deeper into Bedouin culture and learn a lot about this part of Emirati history."

Charlotte, 35, also explained that while the training has been tough, it's an experience she will treasure forever. "Because you have to travel out to the camp every evening and then also continue with your day job, the days can be very long and tiring. I've never ridden a camel before, but it's been fun to learn and now I'm very confident on them. The team bonding is also fantastic. The mix of nationalities, Jordanian, Emirati, Indian and many more, is something I've really enjoyed. It's great to get know people from different backgrounds all sharing the same common goal."

The selected voyagers all followed a comprehensive screening programme, and have been training lots on how to take care of the camels and to how to read and interpret ancient maps using traditional navigational techniques.

INFO: 20 Jan – 1 Feb, 043737000, hhc.gove.ae


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