Halloween in Dubai: Miss Lily's hosts Dead Men Tell No Tales

Scallywags and wenches welcome
ByEllen KerryThursday , 26 October 2017
Halloween in Dubai: Miss Lily's hosts Dead Men Tell No Tales

Looking for a fun time on actual Halloween night in Dubai? We have one for you. Miss Lily's will be throwing a spooky pirate-themed party on 31 Oct and you're all invited.

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Inspired by the past glory days of Port Royal in Jamaica, Miss Lily's will be transformed into a creepfest that would spook even wily Captain Jack Sparrow.

Halloween fun in Dubai

Once known as the wickedest city in the world (and not wicked in a cool way, kids), Port Royal was a giant haven for pirates until a massive earthquake levelled the city and cleared the land of pesky pirates. 

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Legendary pirates such as Blackbeard, Charles Vane and Jack Rackum once called Port Royal home and on All Hallows' Eve Miss Lily's, Dubai's Caribbean hangout, will pay homage to these terrors of the sea.

So, don your finest sea-worthy garb and ghoul-up your face. But remember...dead men tell no tales.

INFO: 8pm-late, 5th Floor, Sheraton Grand Hotel, SZR, Dubai

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