Halliwell wakes up coma girl

Ex Spice Girl's hospital visit helps British teenager
Thursday , 13 March 2008
Halliwell wakes up coma girl

Pop star GERI HALLIWELL has stunned the family of a young British girl after helping her to recover from a coma by singing.

The Spice Girl paid a surprise visit to the hospital bedside of 14-year-old Jessica Knight, who had slipped into a coma after being horrifically attacked while walking home in Manchester, England in January.

The girl's mother, Jill Walmsley, claims her daughter had not moved at all before Halliwell's visit - and miraculously awoke just 24 hours after the star's visit.

But Spice Girls fan Knight had no recollection of the celebrity incident, and was only convinced when she was shown a concert wristband the Wannabe singer had left behind.

Halliwell decided to visit the teenager, who had been stabbed 30 times and suffered a stroke from her injuries, after she was contacted by Knight's family when the Spice Girls were in the city in January as part of their comeback tour.

Walmsley tells British tabloid The Mirror, "I only found out Geri was coming 30 minutes beforehand. You just don't expect to be sitting in the hospital and for Geri Halliwell to walk in. She gave me a big hug and said that Jessica's story had really touched her.

"Geri sang a couple of lines from one of the Spice Girls' songs and Jessica started moving her arms and legs. It was amazing.

"We were all in fits of giggles because we were so relieved and it was just so funny seeing her legs move to Geri's singing. The next day, she opened her eyes for the first time."